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Skeletal Adaptations to Exercise

A short but by no means insignificant page to read here with a very clear message for all personal trainers.

personal%2520training%2520older%2520ladyOur skeleton is designed to support our body weight by adapting to repeated stress. 

Repetitive weight-bearing exercises help to increase and maintain bone density as the load places stress on bone, stimulating the growth of new bone tissue and slowing bone loss.

As bone density starts to decrease in people over 30 years old, weight bearing exercise becomes increasingly important. It seems there really is nothing worse for bones than ‘taking it easy’ in the arm-chair.  Try to remember that bone is living tissue and as such adapts to the way it is used just as muscle adapts to the way it is used.  So by 'taking it easy' in the arm chair we're essentially telling our bones that they dont need to be strong as they'll seldom be required to bear the full weight of our body.

personal%20training%20lungesWith osteoporosis the sites of fracture that are most devastating for sufferers are the spine and hip.  Achieving and maintaining peak bone mass requires progressively intense loading of the spine and hip through exercises such as squats and lunges.  Ideally the best time to start such exercise is early adulthood when bone mass is still developing.

The bodies joints and structures that hold the joints together (ligaments, tendons, muscles etc) are designed to allow a certain range of movement. 

Unfortunately factors such as sedentary lifestyles, poor posture and sometimes poorly designed training can result in joint restrictions.  Training that focuses on flexibility (stretching, yoga, and full range primary movements such as squats) helps to maintain and improve joint mobility. 

The bottom line for all people is; 'use it or lose it'!  This simple, yet accurate mantra should help open your eyes to the massive potential scope of people that can benefit from your guidance as a personal trainer.

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