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About Us

About Us 1 imageAt we’re dedicated to helping you to:

  • Plan and launch your PT business successfully
  • Attract the type of clients you want to train
  • Train your clients more often and more effectively
  • Build a highly profitable business and lifestyle on your own terms


We've got your back

With decades of experience in the fitness industry, personal training, business, education and mentoring we bring you real world, tried and tested ‘in the trenches’ tools, tips and techniques to help you:

  • Save time and money
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Quickly build a successful and profitable business


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Only the good stuff

In an industry where hype, jargon and conflicting information are common place we filter out the noise and provide you with down to earth, clear and simple info you can apply to your PT business right now.

‘People first, training second’ and ‘do the basics well’ are mottos we live by so you’ll find these common themes laced throughout our articles, blogs and videos.

Big opportunity

We believe that a massive opportunity exists for personal training.  A growing demand for solutions that lead to a fitter, healthier and happier life and a lack personalised options that deliver long term results means that personal training is well positioned to launch in to the mainstream as the first choice health and fitness solution.  We still have a few challenges to overcome as an industry but we’re on the job and we need you.


Our mission

About Us 4 imageWe’re on a mission to take personal training to the masses and make it one of the most highly respected, health positive and influential professions in the 21st century – and the first step in achieving this is to make every member of successful, well-skilled, well connected, respected and admired by their customers.

PT Directs very existence was born out of realising that personal training is massively important to the future of people who want to be fit, healthy, lean and happy for life.

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