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Press-up Test

The press-up (or push-up) test is udes to measure the muscular strength/endurance of a clients 'pushing' muscles. This page shows you how to conduct the test.
  • This test requires your client to maintain a constant tempo throughout, moving from the start position (figure below) down to bottom position in one second and then back up to the start position again in one second (i.e. 2 seconds for 1 complete press up). 
  • Your client’s elbows should be extended (not fully locked out) in the start position and bent to 90° at the bottom position on one second and straightened up on the next second.
  • Instruct your client to keep going until they can no longer maintain good press up form, cannot complete a full repetition, or they have to take a ‘rest’.
  • This test is for full press ups only.  There is no ‘easier’ version, although if you don't want to compare results to the table below you could modify the test to incorporate a press up on knees version.


Use the table below if you deem it necessary to calculate your clients fitness category


Fitness category







20 – 30

15 – 25

Needs improvement




Number completed _________________________________________________

Fitness category ___________________________________________________



Press up (Start Position)

personal training press-up start position

Press up (Bottom Position)

personal training press-up down position

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