Give Your Clients Piece of Mind with a Professional and Thorough Screening

Kick Start Your Clients Results using this Proven SCREENING FORM

  • Clients love a professional and thorough approach, particularly when they are considering investing in Personal Training
  • Kick-start your clients results with this comprehensive Screening Form which incorporates all the latest techniques in client screening
  • Guaranteed to impress you'll find specific sections on; Personal details, health history, medical status, injury profile, goal setting, exercise preferences, support system, and training overview


  • You'll receive the compact yet comprehensive (7 section) Screening Form designed specifically for Personal Trainers who want to build a professional client relationship with clients
  • Included with the Screening Form is a short video explaining exactly how to use the screening form to maximise results and commitment from your clients
  • Build massive rapport and make a lasting impression from day one with your clients
Screening Form
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