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Personal Training Templates

In this article we profile the Personal Training templates that are most useful in each area of a Personal Training business.

Personal Training Forms

Which Personal Training forms will help you perfect your Personal Training business? Find a complete list of Personal Training forms here.

How to Start a Personal Training Business

Starting a personal training business is a step by step process. In this article we show you a fail-safe three step process to follow.

The numbers behind PT Businesses

Behind every Personal Training Business is a set of numbers. In this article take a close look at what those numbers mean and how they can be changed in any PT Business.

Fitness Business

Which type of fitness business is right for you? Which is the riskiest fitness business and which fitness business provides the most reward? Find out here.

Personal Trainer Website Templates

In this article we're going to cover the 7 essential elements of an effective, lead generating personal trainer website template.

Personal Training Marketing - Getting Started

Personal training marketing - what a Personal Trainer must know. In the real world of Personal Training you need to make sure your marketing works.

Personal Training Business Cards - How to Use Them to Get Leads

Personal training business cards are carried by most personal trainers but only a few know this great technique for using them to get leads quickly

The Myths of Personal Training

What they don't want you to know about Personal Training, Personal Training Marketing, Personal Training Sales, Personal Training Business - I tell you in this article. The myths and misinformation are unceremoniously peeled back with a good dose of logic and plain speak.

'Functional Training': What the heck is it?

'Functional Training' is a vague and often misused term. Here we provide some sound logic and reasoning to help you determine its actual meaning.

Nutrition Guidelines: Why is Serving Size Important?

Personal training clients have most nutritional success with simple, achieveable changes. Read this article to see how altering a serving size can transform an unhealthy diet into a healthy one.

Kettlebells and your PT Clients

Kettlebell training may look 'impressive' but is it the safest, most effective training mode for your clients? All you need to answer that key question is right here.

Attitudes, Fears and Exercise

Please read this page so you understand that there are some things you should never do to your matter how impressive you think they may be.

Foam Rollers: When Should You Use Them?

On this page we examine the actual purpose of the foam roller so you can determine how its use (or non-use) will best fit your personal training clients

Great Programme Design: The Fundamentals

It's not all about the science! Read this article to see how understanding your clients 'training stage' is critical to great programme design

'Holistic' Session Delivery

Its 'personal' first and 'training' second. Delivering great value to your clients each and every session requires you to consider all of your clients systems...not just their muscles!

Risk Factors and Exercise

As the intensity of exercise increases so does the risk of something nasty happening. This page looks at the information you must gather to enable you to train clients safely and effectively.

Fitness Testing: 'In-Session' Tests

Fitness testing doesn't have to be a formal, time consuming process. Here we show you how to incorporate testing into a regular PT session.

Reviewing Progress with Clients

To ensure clients keep training you must highlight their progress and link it to their actions. Here we explain why this is critical for all clients, especially those that have just started training.